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AQUAFORUM – European Mineral Water Research, Innovation and Valorisation Forum

Junho 18 - Junho 19

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Countries involved

Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Iceland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovakia


Conference Committee

Orlando RodriguesInstituto Politécnico de Bragança – IPB (Portugal)

Fernando QueirogaAquaValor – Centro de Valorização e Transferência de Tecnologia da Água – Associação  (Portugal)

Nuno VazAquaValor – Centro de Valorização e Transferência de Tecnologia da Água – Associação (Portugal)

Pedro Cantista – International Society of Medical Hidrology and Climatology – ISMH (Portugal)

Vítor Leal – Associação de Termas de Portugal – ATP (Portugal)



Despite the importance and relevance of mineral water there is still a lack of knowledge on its potential merge with existing health, wellness, geothermal and regional development activities. Hence, AQUAFORUM will serve as a trigger for deepening existing scientific and technical knowledge on mineral water and as a vehicle for the the establishment of new partnerships that might lead to new applications and uses for the referred natural asset in different markets, thus leveraging the regional and national European economies.

By acknowledging the complexity associated with R&D activities related to mineral water and the arise of valid and usable results, one must perceive that the most prospect solution for this issue is the implementation of a European Network focused on leading mineral water research and innovation. This European Network should perform, in a collaborative and cooperative manner, activities that will improve the use of mineral water and the arise of sustainable solutions that not only boost citizens wellbeing, but also regional development. Thus, during AQUAFORUM we will be formalizing the creating of AQUANET – European Mineral Water Research, Innovation and Valorisation Network, a conglomerate of multidisciplinary entities focused on further development the mineral water topic.


Aim of the Event

With AQUAFORUM we aim to implement and promote a European Mineral Water Research, Innovation and Valorisation Network focused on establishing mineral water as one of the most relevant assets in health, wellness, energetic sustainability, and regional development.


Established Objectives

Considering the complexity associated with mineral water and the multidisciplinary perspective from which this natural resource can be address, a series of more focused and detailed objectives for the AQUAFORUM have been established and will serve as the basis for all the event panels, discussions, and activities:

  • Share methodologies and deepen knowledge concerning the therapeutic use of mineral water;
  • Develop knowledge and innovation on mineral water to revitalize the sector and the inherent regions;
  • Discuss Mineral (Thermal) Water Sector Digital Transformation (Thermal Water 4.0)
  • Promote the reflection regarding the impacts of thermalism in the European national health services;
  • Foster the establishment of multidisciplinary synergies aimed at activating mineral water branding;
  • Discuss the use of mineral water as a geothermal energy source and a decisive asset for regional sustainability;
  • Implementation of the AQUANET project – European Mineral Water Research, Innovation and Valorisation Network;
  • Promotion of thematic collaboration protocols between AQUANET founding members.





Accomodations for those willing to participate



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Junho 18
Junho 19
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CIMAT – Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alto Tâmega
AquaValor – Centro de Valorização e Transferência de Tecnologia da Água
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
International Society fo Medical Hidrology and Climatology
Associação de Termas de Portugal


Vidago Palace Hotel
Parque de Vidago, Apartado 16
Vidago, Vidago 5425-307 Portugal
+ Mapa do Google
(+351) 276 990 920